When it comes to natural stone, we can expect to see more of it with “natural” being a key design theme. Today’s top trends emphasize nature and a reconnection to the natural world. Texture is important, as is creating a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. Here are some of the top trends that blend natural stone into today’s décor: 

Statement Walls in the Bath 
Bathrooms shouldn’t be without their own sense of drama. And what better way to add it than a statement wall. Whether it’s a small powder room or a larger master suite, water features made of natural stone add texture and a sense of nature into even the smallest space. 

Stone in the Bedroom
The kitchen and the bath are probably the first spaces that come to mind when you think of decorating the home with natural stone, but tastemakers say we’re about to see it spread into other areas. One interesting place is the bedroom. It’s not uncommon to see natural stone used as accent walls in living rooms and dining rooms, but the bedroom is a new space worth focusing on. Natural stone walls in the bedroom create a relaxing ambiance… the perfect place to rest and recharge after a busy day. And natural stone is so versatile that it can work beautifully with any style of décor, from traditional to modern. 

Black and White 
A mixture that can look both classic and modern, we’ll continue to see black and white stone working together to make a statement. A timeless combination, black and white paired together adds depth to any room. Whether it’s a black and white herringbone tile pattern, the blend of rich black cabinets with crisp white countertops, or a slab that combines the two, black and white will add a sense of drama while feeling familiar and welcoming at the same time. Beyond marble and granite, we’ll see black and white shades of quartzite and limestone mixed together.

Stone as Art
More than a mere floor, wall, or countertop covering, natural stone is being used to make an artistic statement. A slab of onyx, for example, can turn even the most ordinary room into a magical space. Add LED lighting and watch colours twinkle and dance off of the surface. Book matched slabs can create an eye-catching focal point and even the most simplistic natural stone can create an area of depth and interest in absolutely any space. 

Stone Wet Rooms
The open kitchen has been trending for quite some time, but a new trend we’re seeing is the open bath. Bathroom designers are eliminating walls in favor of sliding privacy panels. The result is turning the bathroom into one large space that can stand up to water. Natural stone slabs and tiles—as well as ultra slim Neolith — are moving beyond just the shower area and are now covering the entire bathroom. 

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